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State of OZ Program FT. Pinnacle Partners OZ Fund

On Wednesday October 12th, 2022 -- our partner Pinnacle Partners, along with accounting firm Novogradac, and Greenberg Traurig hosted a live webinar to share insights into the state of the Opportunity Zone (OZ) program, and updates of Pinnacle's OZ Fund VIII, a diversified fund of four multifamily projects in growth markets throughout the U.S.
Topics of discussion included...
  • What is included in the proposed legislation that could extend and expand the OZ program
  • What is the likelihood that the legislation will pass, and when would the decision occur
  • Why now is the time to invest in multifamily real estate, including build-to-rent projects 
  • Quick overview of Pinnacle's OZ Fund VIII, including the completed portfolio of four projects in Denver, Nashville, Austin, and Avondale, AZ. 

Prefer to watch specific moments from the webinar? Skip to your preferred agenda item with this brief synopsis:

3:39 — Jeff Feinstein, Pinnacle Partners

  • Overview of OZ program and benefits
  • Why invest in Opportunity Zones
  • Why multifamily properties are so compelling

8:50 — Sandy Presant, Greenberg Traurig

  • State of the OZ marketplace and OZ fund manager landscape

16:33 — John Sciarretti, Novogradac

  • State of the OZ program
  • “OZ 2.0”: proposed legislation to extend and expand the OZ program

29:11 — Leo Backer, Pinnacle Partners

  • Pinnacle Partners OZ Fund VIII update
  • “Fund of four” portfolio is fully identified, with projects in Denver, Nashville, Austin, and Avondale (AZ).

46:47 -- All Panelists

  • Q&A 

This story originally appeared on Pinnacle Partner's website and has been republished here with permission. 

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